Absences and Make-up Classes

Absences and Make-up Classes

There are no refunds given for missed classes.  Make-up classes may be taken for missed classes by attending another class of the same level.   We allow up to two missed classes per season to be made up before February 1st.   No make-up classes can be offered after February 1st as teachers are preparing their specific, unique dance routines for the Spring Performance and cannot accommodate make-up students. 

Class Cancellation Policy

JZT Dance’s scheduled closure dates are listed on the calendar. In the event of inclement weather, you will be notified of class cancellations and/ or dismissals via email and it will also be posted on our Facebook page.   If bad weather arrives during the course of the day and parents are unsure about the status of classes for that evening, they can check the studio voicemail, which will always be updated if and when classes are cancelled.  JZT will not typically make up classes cancelled due to bad weather unless the same class misses two or more sessions, in which case JZT will reschedule the class.   JZT Dance reserves the right to cancel or combine classes due to number of registrants.


Please ensure that we have an updated mobile number, email and home address at all times.   Please inform us promptly of any changes throughout the year.  Our primary means of communication with our parents is through email.   We strongly recommend that all parents/guardians check their emails regularly. Information may also be posted in our lobby. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to be aware of important dates and all studio activities.  It is also imperative that parents check to make sure that studio emails are not ending up in your SPAM folder.  If they are, please make the change so that they are being received in your regular inbox

Customer Portal

For your convenience, we also have a Customer Portal application.   The Customer Portal is a wonderful tool that allows you to manage your account online. The Portal is where you can update your contact information, view your fees and payments, enroll your children into additional classes and events, send online payments, and see news updates that we post.   You can use this link to create and access your own portal (https://app.jackrabbitclass.com/portal/ppLogin.asp?id=524271). You must use the email address that you used to register to access the Portal.  


Attendance is extremely important and dancers must be committed to their dance classes.  Please try not to miss class!   Regular attendance is important to both the individual dancers and the class as a whole. Attendance is particularly important once dance recital practices begin, not only so each dancer doesn't fall behind, but also because the other class members are relying on your dancer for his/her role in the routine.  If you are injured (i.e. with a pulled muscle) please come to class and observe so that you may familiarize yourself with new technique or choreography. If absenteeism becomes a concern, the instructor will contact the parents and make necessary arrangements.  Excessive absences may result in the student being asked to move down a level, or to not participate in the Spring Performance.

Please make every effort to get to class on time. Promptness allows for proper warm-up, to avoid injury. Any student who arrives more than 15 minutes late to class will be asked to observe.