JZT Dance Company

Hip Hop Hawks

Company Details

JZT Dance will have three performance companies - jazz, tap and hip hop. Each company will have auditions for entry. Those who are accepted to any of the JZT companies will have core requirements which must be met.

Commitment.  We consider acceptance to the JZT Dance HAWKS to be an honor.  Your 100% commitment is required.    Commitment to being on time and being prepared is imperative.  Commitment to rehearsals is a very important part of dancing in the Company as well.  We allow for illness, however, missing rehearsals may result in being excluded from certain parts of the dance and excessive absenteeism will result in dismissal from the Company.



Auditions for hip hop hawks

Thursday, June 20th

5:00PM (ages 7 to 11)

6:00PM (ages 12+)

Although we would like to cast everyone who auditions into the Company, it is not possible.   All decisions are made by the Company Director with input from the entire staff and are final. 


for jzt Hip hop hawks:

Senior Hawks

  • Hip Hop Technique - Thurs

  • Hip Hop Technique - Fri

  • Acting

  • Hip Hop Choreography

Junior Hawks

  • Hip Hop Technique - Thurs

  • Hip Hop Technique - Fri

  • Acting

  • Hip Hop Choreography

Wee Hawks

  • Hip Hop Technique - Thurs

  • Hip Hop Technique - Fri

  • Hip Hop Choreography


Rehearsals are mandatory. The schedule will be announced, but they are usually held on Friday evenings, Saturdays and possibly Sundays (varying times) beginning in September. Most Rehearsals run two hours long, but some may run longer. Usually, we start with one rehearsal per weekend and closer to the recital or competitions we may need to double up. Exact times for each rehearsal will be posted in advance.


Tuition: There is a fixed cost per month for core classes. Because the core requirements vary for each level of the Company, the cost vary as well. Please inquire at the studio for Company tuition rates.

Company Fees: There is a one time Company fee to participate in the Company.

Senior Hawks $250 Junior Hawks $250 Wee Hawks $185

All Company Fees are due no later than September 1, 2019

Additional Classes. Any classes in addition to the core requirements may be added at a discount.

Competition Fees. Additional.

Choreography Fees. Fees for choreography for solos and small groups are additional and must be paid directly to the choreographer.

Costumes. Additional.