JZT Dance Class Descriptions


Ages Newborn to 4

Tiny Dancers

Ages 3 to 6


Ages 18 and Up

Young Dancers

Ages 7 to 18

JZT Dance provides our students with a well-rounded education in all facets of dance for ages 2 to adult at levels from Beginner through Advanced.  Our classes emphasize correct technique, fundamentals and a familiarization of the dance vocabulary.  JZT Dance offers classes in two sessions: Fall and Summer. Our Fall Session begins in September and ends in June with a recital at Union City performing Arts Center.   Our Summer Session runs for eight weeks during the months of July and August. Some classes are only available during the Fall Session.

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Placement: Level classes are available for students between ages 7 and 18 years of age starting at Level 1 through Level 3.   Level 1 classes are beginner level classes while Level 2 and 3 classes were developed for the more serious dancer seeking a progressive curriculum.  Director or instructor approval is needed for registering for these classes.  

Proper class placement is essential in the continual progress of students.  As such, students are placed in class based on a student's ability to retain and execute the required skills for each level and not by age alone or previous years’ experience.   A student's ability to successfully progress through each level is based on attendance, as well as the ability to retain and comprehend technical terms.   New students with prior experience should call the studio for proper class placement.  Although previous ballet training is not required for admission to our jazz, tap, lyrical and musical theater classes, the technical training of ballet provides a strong foundation for all other dance forms.  Students will enhance and improve their progress in other dance styles by attending ballet class.    If you are unsure of what class to register for, please contact us.