Dress Rehearsal

“the sweetest showman and sweet dreams”

Union City PAC
Show Date: Saturday, June 1, 2019

Rehearsal Date: Friday, May 31, 2019


Dress Rehearsal Information

Dress Rehearsal is not optional!   It is mandatory that every student is present.

If your child is in multiple numbers, they are required to attend rehearsal for each number.

A Dress Rehearsal is a full-scale rehearsal or practice of your child’s dance performance before the show. This final practice is intended to acclimate the dancers to the stage and allows the teachers and stage crew to make sure every detail of the show meets expectations.  All dancers must wear their full costumes along with accessories during the dress rehearsal.  It is the only time they will run through their numbers on stage with the lighting backdrops, floor and/or body microphones as well as the props used for the upcoming performance.

We have secured the theater for Friday night, May 31st, for the full dress rehearsal. The schedule is attached. Click Here.

Important Dress Rehearsal Tips:

·      Dress Rehearsal is at the UCPAC theater NOT the studio!

·      All dancers must wear their full costumes along with accessories, proper hair and full makeup for the dress rehearsal.

·      Please be on time. We need to follow the schedule as stated and under no circumstances will we hold a number to accommodate a late arrival.

·      There are no drop offs for dress rehearsals. A parent must stay with their child throughout the entire rehearsal. At no time are children to be in the theater unsupervised. Dress Rehearsal is a relatively quick run through and should take no more than ten minutes once their number is called. 

·      Double check that you have all the items that you need, including shoes, costumes, accessories, and tights. 

·      Label, Label, Label EVERYTHING!  

·      Upon arrival at the theater, please find your child’s class.   Please remain seated until you are called on stage by your teacher.

·      Costume Changes.  Please have all additional costumes ready to go. For dancers in multiple numbers, it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that their child is changed into the next costume and their hair and makeup are ready for the next routine.  For the Dress Rehearsal, you can use the two dressing rooms behind the stage, bathrooms or the changing tents set up on each side of the stage.  

·      It is an open dress rehearsal which means parents are allowed to attend and watch the practice.

·      Videotaping and/or photographing of the actual dance recital is strictly prohibited.  However, we do allow you to videotape and photograph your children at the Dress Rehearsal.