Costume Changes

“the sweetest showman and sweet dreams”

UCPAC Theater
June 1, 2019


Your child should arrive to the theater ONE HOUR before the start of the show prepared for their first number.  If your child is in more than one number of the show, it is your responsibility to ensure that they are changed into their next costume and their hair and makeup are ready for the next routine. 

Costume Changes.  Most children have their costume changes during intermission at which time you will have access to the dressing room area to assist them.  There will be dressing rooms available for girls, boys and quick changes.  In the event that your child has a quick costume change, (3 dances or less), then one of our staff members or volunteers will be available to help them with the changes, if necessary.  If there are any questions or confusion, please confirm with Jennifer before the day of the show.

Label Everything.  Please make sure to have all costumes, shoes, hair/makeup and accessories labeled and ready to go.  It is important to put your child’s name in each costume as well as their shoes.  Label and mark everything so that there is no confusion in the dressing room. 

Makeup and Hair.  We do not provide makeup for the dancers and we do not prepare their hair.  Please make sure all ballet dancers have a proper, secured bun as per the attached instructions.