Hair & Makeup Instructions

“the sweetest showman and sweet dreams”

UCPAC Theater
June 1, 2019



It is easiest to manage hair that is damp and has gel worked through it before trying to secure back into a bun.   Never try to put dry hair up in a bun – especially with children with fine hair.  Whether trying to secure bangs back or putting up to a pony tail or braids, always work with dampened hair that has a sticky gel worked through before combing back.

1)  Bangs off the Face:   ALL STUDENTS MUST HAVE BANGS OFF THE FACE, regardless of the hairstyle.  This is very important onstage and will require that you use the damp hair/ wet gel method described above for short or long hair to get the bangs back.  Bobby pins may be necessary; however, if the hair is wet and gel applied, it will help to keep it sufficiently off the forehead. The balance of hair that is down does not need the same application and may hang loosely.

2)   Bun:  Please use these YouTube tutorials for step by step instructions on how to make a proper bun on your child.

THE SECRET: Work on very damp hair that is wet with gel.  Then, let the hair dry after it has been put into the bun. Hairspray may be necessary even if enough gel has been applied.               

3)  Ponytail:  On very damp hair thoroughly apply a thick gel to slick the hair and make it workable.   After applying gel and with hair still damp, brush back and up and secure with a hair elastic into a ponytail at the back crown of the head.  Sometimes the instructor will ask for a low ponytail down and at the nape of the neck.  Side ponytails should be on the crown of the head on the specified side.

4)  Hair ½ up; ½ down:  Use the same method as above for the forward part of the hair that will be pulled up into the ponytail ONLY.  Most of the time, the hair is just pulled in the ponytail and hangs with a ribbon or headpiece secured as instructed.  Let all loose hair hang without gel applied so it will look natural. You may use light hairspray if necessary.

5)  Braids:   On very damp hair thoroughly apply a thick gel to slick the hair and make it workable.   After applying gel and with hair still damp, brush back and up and into braid.  There may be a single braid, double braids or French braids requested. 

6)  Pigtails:   On very damp hair thoroughly apply a gel to slick the hair and make it workable.   With a comb, separate the hair down the middle of the head.   Pull one bunch on the top of the head or behind the ear and tie an elastic around it.   Repeat on other side of head.  Use comb and water to smooth out.

Any questions regarding the method or style of hair required for your piece, please ask Jennifer or your instructor.  




“Stage Makeup” includes foundation, eyeshadow, black eyeliner, black mascara and rose or coral blush. 

Makeup may be applied at your discretion for children under age 10, however, under the bright lights, facial features wash out and makeup helps the audience to see the dancer's face more clearly.  Good stage makeup will look very exaggerated, dramatic and bold.  

These You-Tube tutorials will give you step by step instructions for makeup application.

For makeup, we suggest:

1)       BASE (FOUNDATION):    Base foundation must be used by all performers to even out and brighten skin tone under the stage lights.   Choose foundation color to match child’s skin tone.   See tutorial for application instructions.

2)       EYE SHADOW:    Use a palette of browns, greys, blacks, blue/purple and light highlighting colors.  See tutorial for application instructions.

3)       EYELINER:   Winged application, please use a black pencil liner along lower lid of eye just below where the lashes grow on the lower lid, and just above the lashes on the upper lid to a point.  For ages 3 to 6, this application is optional. For all children age 7 and older, please be certain to have their eyes lined.  See tutorial for application instructions.

4)       EYEBROW PENCIL:   When looking directly at the face of the dancer, if the eyebrow is not clearly defined, use a medium brown pencil to highlight eyebrows (only if the hair color is very light).  If eyebrows are dark enough naturally, no pencil is necessary.

5)       MASCARA/FALSE EYELASHES:   Please apply thick layer of heavy black mascara to upper and lower lids, however, this may not be tolerated by very young students and you may get by with just liner.  Teen Students should apply false eyelashes for maximum effect on stage.  Simply buy thick black lashes with adhesive, trim to fit and follow instructions.  It is best to practice before the day of the show.  See tutorial for application instructions.

6)       BLUSH:  Apply rose or coral blush to hollow of check only - NOT over the cheekbone itself.  Have dancer suck in cheeks and apply blush to area of the check that concaves. Enough blush should be applied to bring color to shadowed soft part of the cheek leaving the area over the cheekbone light and not colored at all.  See tutorial for application instructions.

7)       LIPSTICK:    For ages 7 and up, bright red lipstick is required for all performers, unless otherwise instructed.    For ages 3 to 6, lipstick is encouraged but not required and will be class-specific. 

Please Note. There may be some numbers that require a different color lipstick so please adhere to the lipstick color specified in the Costume Requirements Instructions for your child’s class.  See tutorial for application instructions.