Theater Information & Policies

“the sweetest showman and sweet dreams”

UCPAC Theater
June 1, 2019


UCPAC Theater Details:

Location:          Union City High School
Address:           2500 Kennedy Boulevard, Union City, NJ
Directions:       For directions to the theater,
Parking:           Free event parking is available.


UCPAC Policies

Late Seating.  Traffic and parking in Union City can become congested prior to the performance. We suggest that you allow extra time to arrive relaxed and ready to enjoy the show. Those arriving after the performance has begun will not be seated while a number is performing.   Only after the number has completed will you be permitted to enter the theater.  If you are late, you can expect to miss a portion of the show.

Cameras and Electronic Devices.  Videotaping and photographing of Dress Rehearsal are permitted.  However, all audio/visual devices and videotaping and/or photographing of the actual dance recital are strictly prohibited.  Union City Performing Arts Center reserves the right to deny entry to, or to remove any guest from the premises that refuses to comply with this policy.  We have a new production company, DiBiaggia Video Productions, who have been contracted to film the show. We have taken precautionary measures to ensure that we do not experience any problems similar to last year.  DVD’s of the full show will be available for purchase for a price of $29.95.

Children.  Please keep young children in their seats. 

Phones.  Please show consideration for the performers and turn off all phones or place on mute and refrain from using them during the performance. The sound and/or light from the displays are a distraction for the dancers and other guests—as is text messaging during the performance.  Thank you for complying with this important policy.

No Smoking.  There is no smoking allowed within the theatre. Guests who smoke, including the use of e-cigarettes and vaping, will do so outside the building.

Behavior.  Guests are prohibited from bringing the following items onto the premises: food and beverage; cameras and recording devices (other than phones); selfie sticks, tripods, and any items that may be deemed disruptive to the performance. JZT Dance and Union City Performing Arts Center share a zero-tolerance policy regarding aggressive or abusive behavior in the venue at any time. Guests who engage in fighting, throwing objects, using foul / abusive language or gestures, attempting to enter restricted areas, or engaging in other behavior detrimental to the experience of other guests will be immediately ejected from the venue.  Union City PAC reserves the right to remove anyone from the theater who causes a disturbance or disrupts other customers’ experiences.