Dress Rehearsal

“the sweetest showman and sweet dreams”

UCPAC Theater
June 1, 2019



  • Dress rehearsals, which will be held on Friday evening and/or Saturday morning, are mandatory! If your child is in multiple numbers, they may be required to attend rehearsals on both days, as per attached schedule.

  • All dancers must be at their scheduled dress rehearsals on time and in full costume, with proper hair and full makeup.

  • Please be early! It is imperative that you arrive on time as we will strictly adhere to the rehearsal schedule. Under no circumstances will we hold a number to accommodate a late arrival.

  • A parent must stay with their child throughout the entire rehearsal. There are no drop offs for dress rehearsals. At no time are children to be in the theater unsupervised.

  • Please have all additional costumes ready to go. For dancers in multiple numbers, a parent is responsible for all costume changes during the rehearsals.

  • You are permitted to videotape and take pictures during the rehearsals, but not during the actual show.

  • The dress rehearsal will last approximately one hour.

  • Once your child’s Saturday rehearsal is complete, we suggest you take them home and relax until you have to be back at the theater at one hour before show time. You will not be able to wait in the theater between the dress rehearsal and show time.