Laura Schutter


Laura's classes are inspired by many teachers and types of yoga and by her background in dance. Growing up in Iowa on an onion farm with a dance studio in the basement, Laura comes from a very grounded life. She tap danced her way to Chicago to perform and teach dance, then toured the US, Canada, and England with Broadway tours. She finally unpacked her bags for good in NYC to perform on Broadway and teach.  She also started the online jewelry store Broadway Baubles and the hard apple cider company Orchard Hill Cider Mill with her husband.

Laura fell in love with yoga while performing in shows, it kept her limber, balanced and helped calm her mind while dealing with a crazy show schedule. Once she was hooked on the poses, she then discovered the full benefit of yoga when she got certified in Hahta yoga in Ottawa, Canada.  She guides a very gentle yet challenging class and incorporates vinyasa flows, sun salutations, pranayam (breathing techniques), and full support to every student. Yoga is balancing life, energy, mind, soul and body, all such wonderful things you will celebrate completely in Laura's class.